The products' delivery time: about 5-6 weeks after placing the order. We know it might sound like a lot, but consider that these are custom-made products: Frequently Asked Questions page.


Custom Medal Holders in a Wide Range

Dream it, and we'll bring your ideas to life. Whether it's running, Spartan Race, OCR, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, gymnastics, archery, rowing, trail running, horseback riding, cross-country, boxing, darts, billiards, or any other sport, we'll design your dream medal holder. Uniqueness and quality go hand in hand with the metal wall medal holder.

The exclusive design and durable material guarantee that preserving your medals will be perfect for many years. The medal holder not only enhances your display but also radiates pride. If you're tired of just collecting medals and want to add a little style to your life, it's time for custom sports medal holders! Isn't it a sheer joy when your medals, once lying in piles, now proudly adorn a stylish, unique medal holder?

Showcase your medals in style!

Kids, what does sport mean to us? Competition, struggle, health, happiness? Or is it just doing something physical? Whatever form we like to take, winning a medal is always a good feeling. But what happens after we get the medal? Where do we put it? How many medals do we stack before we realise we need something to hold them? Custom sports medal holders offer a solution to this problem!

Custom Sports Medal Holders - Not Just For Winners!