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It's good to see the width of the holder and the number of rows, but how many medals does it hold?

Welcome to our football medal holders article!
Whether you're a goalkeeper or a goal scoring striker, you're sure to find a football medal holder to suit your needs.
Customized metal football medal holders: the best prizes to keep the medals of your dreams

Welcome to our exciting article about the exciting world of swimming with a pair of flippers!
It can be a wonderful feeling to swim with a fin, as you propel yourself at speed with the fin floating in the water.

Would you work to make one of your fondest memories last forever? Do you feel that this moment is more meaningful than just sitting in your phone's storage space? Maybe the traditional photo frame solution is too ordinary for you? But how about a metal wall decoration based on your picture?

Learn all about sintering and surface treatment to find out why they are important in industrial processes and how you can use them to protect against corrosion. We use the process below, of course there are several ways and directions, but we have this workflow available.

Metal coin holders are not just simple objects, they carry real emotions. Behind each medal is a story, a struggle and a great success. When you look at the medals hanging on your wall, you remember the moments when you fought with all your might, when sweat glistened on your brow and when your dreams came true.

Have you ever wondered if the medals you've won deserve a better place instead of gathering dust in your drawer? Do you want something really unique, that suits you, your sport and motivates you?

Find out more about personalised metal medal holders!

The emotions that emerge around the word 'home' touch a depth that makes it special and intimate. It is a place that holds unique treasures and emotions that cannot be found elsewhere. As soon as we enter the door, the intimacy and tranquillity embrace us and act as a protective bastion in our daily lives.

How would you like to add a personal piece of art to your home that not only serves as a striking wall decoration, but is made from a timeless material that will amaze you for years to come? Metallic wall decorations offer dazzling possibilities to add a unique style to your home!

The Hard Dog Race is not an unfamiliar concept to us, and if you want to make your pet's awards more personal and special, the animal medal holder is the best choice for you. Of course, you can also add rosettes to this holder, giving you a unique way to display your achievements and memorable moments. Not only is this unique medal holder a practical and organised way to display your awards, it also expresses your love of animals and your commitment to sport.

If you run a business where you receive business partners or clients, you can't take the office environment lightly. The atmosphere of the office and client lounge is important not only for the visitors, but also for your colleagues. A creative and unique office design will not only make your clients want to come to your office, but will also make your colleagues happy to spend their days in an inspiring environment.

SteelDecor creates works of art by machining metal, unique products and decoration for businesses and homes. The webshop has its own designs, but we can realise any individual idea at no extra charge. Their quality products are available in a wide range and they also offer inspiration. We can help you design your business or home in a unique and stylish way.