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Swimming for women - we have a medallist like this

  Swimming for women - we have a medallist like this

Welcome to our exciting article about the exciting world of swimming with a pair of flippers!
It can be a wonderful feeling to swim with a fin, as you propel yourself at speed with the fin floating in the water.


The preeminent underwater sport is swimming, the most successful non-Olympic sport in our country. The movement of the fin allows competitors to perform explosive, fast movements both underwater and on the surface. Speed and agility are crucial for underwater hockey, for example, or even underwater rugby. Indeed, swimming is one of the most exciting sports, with the 50m diving record of 13sec!

Thanks to the advent and proliferation of new-age breathing apparatus, brave divers have dreamed up a different way of diving from traditional swimming. The sport spread to our country in the 1960s and has had many fans ever since. The most popular variations are fin swimming, underwater hockey and orienteering diving, with competitions open to all.

As well as swimming, flipper swimming is also practised in pools and open water. The distances swum in the pool are 50-100-200-200-400-800-800-1500m surface swimming, where the athlete swims with a large float on his or her feet, using a breathing tube. On the surface, there is the rapid swimming with 50-100-200-200-400m distances. Below the surface, there is the 50m apnea with one breath of air and the 100-200-400m dive with a tank.

Orienteering diving can be practised in lakes or in the sea, the diver has to find the buoys that form the course under water with the help of a compass (metre and depth gauge) mounted on the diving tank.

Finning is a highly effective sport with many benefits for physical and mental health. With articles focusing on technique, training planning, breathing techniques and fitness development, as well as tips on competition and nutrition, it will help those interested in the sport to reach their full potential.

An excellent book on the subject is written by Zsófia Kovács , herself a competitor and competition organiser in this sport under the colours of the 1st MCM-Diamant Adorján SE in Kaposvár

With great pleasure I offer you this special book, which is the first methodological book on underwater sports popular in our country. In this book you will learn the history of the development of these sports and the governing bodies behind them. In addition to interesting details, you will also gain insights into the anatomy of general and specific sports equipment, such as goggles and fins, as well as the anatomy of specific movement patterns. Furthermore, the book describes the teaching process, which will help interested people to get acquainted with the sport and to acquire a higher level of knowledge.

In addition to the interesting facts, the book also presents an exciting research study on the motivation of people who participate in the sport. This research has shown that underwater sports can have a big impact on our lives and can be a way of life, not just a hobby. And with this book, you now have the opportunity to dive deeper than ever before into this unique and exciting sport.

I hope you are interested and would like to become an owner of this book.

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Last, but not least, I would like to mention that we have recently managed to work together on an amazing event that left a deep mark on us. The organiser of the event (Zsófi) did a fantastic job and we are proud to have been able to participate and learn about this special sport.

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"Through the work of steeldecor we were able to give fantastic gifts to our race winners at our international finals in Kaposvár. As a lesser-known sport, there are few souvenirs specific to the sport available on the market, but with the help of steeldekor, the racers were enriched with fin keyrings and two beautiful medal holders. We received positive feedback not only from the children but also from the coaches that, in addition to the super organisation, the special prizes were a great source of joy and motivation for their athletes."