The products' delivery time: about 5-6 weeks after placing the order. We know it might sound like a lot, but consider that these are custom-made products: Frequently Asked Questions page.




Questions asked by you

Here you can find the frequently asked questions by our customers and our answers to them. If you still have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer them as well.


What happens after placing an order?


This depends on whether you are ordering a ready-made pattern from the webshop or you have a custom request.


If we are talking about a ready-made pattern:


We send your order to the laser cutting factory, where the raw product is made. This is then subject to manual quality control, where we inspect each product individually. If necessary, we correct any minor errors that may have been caused by the laser cutting machine. Then comes the sintering process (phosphate bath, bead blasting - in case of outdoor products -, powder coating, kiln firing). After this, we wrap the product in foil for higher safety, add the gift screws and necessary spacers, and finally, as the last step of the process, we pack it and hand it over to the courier.


If it's a custom request:


Our graphic designer will contact you and design the perfect, unique, custom pattern that really suits you, while constantly consulting with you. You will receive a free visual design of the product, and once we are done with this, the process described for the ready-made pattern can begin.


When will I receive the product?


On average, it takes 3-4 weeks after placing the order. We know it sounds like a lot, but keep in mind that these products are:


- truly unique, personalised, so we don't have them in stock.

- Therefore, we can only start manufacturing the product after the order has been placed.

- We check the quality of our products individually to ensure that only the most perfect decor reaches your wall.


What size medal holder/home decor can I request?


Our answer: any size. There are fixed sizes, these are indicated on the product data sheet, but if you want custom sizing, that's no problem either.

Generally speaking, among our home decors you can find a 3x4 cm key holder, but also a 1 m2 metal wall picture.

In terms of our medal holders, we have designed both mini (for 6 medals: 10 cm high, 15 cm wide) and giant (for 180 medals: 80 cm high, 120 cm wide) holders.


I received a faulty pattern, what should I do?


First of all, get in touch with us:


The package should be returned to the sender's address, then,

within this there are two options:

Custom product (personalised)


Unfortunately, in this case, you cannot exercise your right of withdrawal (government decree)


We sent the wrong size or pattern product


- You can request a new, corrected product - in this case, you only need to pay the postage (this has a lead time) and return the incorrect product

- You can withdraw from the purchase, and we will refund the full price within 14 days


How many medals can fit on the metal medal holder?


This depends on the width of the ribbon of your medals.

We usually relate the available space to a 3.2 cm wide ribbon, which is rather among the wider ribbons.

So, in the case of a 50 cm wide medal holder, this means that you can place about 15 medals with a 3.2 cm wide ribbon on it.

We tried to give a little perspective in this blog post: Medal space


What colours are the products available in?

We paint the decors black by default, but other colours are also available, which can be chosen when ordering on the individual product data sheets, of course without any extra charge.


Can I request a pattern that is not in the webshop?


Of course! What's more, we love it when you challenge us and come to us with newer and more creative requests.


Where and how can I submit my custom request?

We provide several options for you to do this:

- Contact us through one of the following channels: or +36 70 367 6182.

- In the webshop, select a product that most closely resembles your idea, and during the ordering process, describe the desired modification in the comments field.

- You can also reach out to us on Facebook: steeldecor.neked


Can I pick up the product in person?

Primarily, we operate as an online shop, but with prior arrangement, personal pickup is possible in Budapest. In such cases, there is, of course, no shipping cost.

How will the product reach me?

For delivery, we use the services of GLS parcel delivery to ensure door-to-door delivery of your product. On the day your package arrives, GLS will inform you of the expected time interval for delivery via email.

Shipping costs:

  • European Union:  20 eur


How can I make a payment?

We strive to cater to various payment preferences:

- Secure online payment (Barion)

- Direct bank transfer (our account number will be visible on the electronic invoice): HU13 1160 0006 0000 0000 7784 9858

- Cash-on-delivery (with cash or credit card upon delivery by courier)

- Personal pickup (cash, credit card, or Revolut Pro)