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Fundraising through the webshop

Fundraising is one of our most important activities to help those who really need it. Many people don't know how donations can be collected and delivered in the most efficient way. We can help!

If you'd like to help, we'll send your donation to theChildren's HealersFoundation by purchasing one of the donation tickets below.

Support Heal the Children!

Why did we choose them?

The answer is simple:

Children are the future!

"Our success is the healing of children. We are fighting to ensure that children with cancer have the same chance to be cured everywhere in 8 locations across the country. When you support us, you support the purchase of modern equipment for treatment, the ongoing training of our specialists and the introduction of innovative personalised therapies. "

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Fundraising is an important process and the internet makes it easy to reach a wider audience. Webshops allow people to collect donations when shopping online, so shoppers can support the charity of their choice.

Fundraising through a webshop is not only easy and convenient, but also effective. Collecting donations not only benefits the donors, but also the charities. Fundraising through a webshop allows charities to access donations easily and efficiently.
The opportunities and benefits of fundraising through a webshop.

In order to understand the opportunities and benefits of fundraising via an online shop, we first need to understand the methods by which donations are traditionally collected.
The traditional method of fundraising is one in which people donate money to a charity. Organisations that raise funds usually launch campaigns to get support. However, traditional fundraising requires the trust of donors and the investment of time and money in campaigns.

However, fundraising via an online shop is much easier and simpler. Donors can simply shop on the webshop and make a donation while shopping. It is easier to collect donations because shoppers have already made the purchase.