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Custom metal medal holders for the fighters!

  Custom metal medal holders for the fighters!

Metal coin holders are not just simple objects, they carry real emotions. Behind each medal is a story, a struggle and a great success. When you look at the medals hanging on your wall, you remember the moments when you fought with all your might, when sweat glistened on your brow and when your dreams came true.

Unique, special medal holders made of metal are the perfect gift not only for the winners, but also for all those who care about fighting and competition. A truly heartfelt surprise for sports lovers to enjoy every day!

But how many medals will fit in this unique metal medal holder?

With SteelDecor's range of custom sports medal holders, you have countless options. You'll find animal-themed versions, special cycling-themed ones, ones designed specifically for football fans, dedicated runners, and versions for different sports. For example, there are medal holders designed for fighters, strength sports enthusiasts or handball lovers.

A metal wall-mounted medal holder is truly a personalised decoration that perfectly displays your existing medals, but also serves as a hopeful anticipation as a great motivation.

Take a closer look at how many coins can fit in this special wall mount holder! The width of the ribbon of the medals is also a factor, with the 3.2 cm ribbon being a benchmark, which is one of the "wider" types.

It also depends on the spacing you place them in, and how airy they are. For example, for a 35 cm rack with 9 rows, you can expect about 13 spaces. For more help, take a look at the SteelDecor coin holder space chart!

Your own unique ideas can be implemented, so there are no limits to how you can support archery, horseback riding or darts enthusiasts. And with your professional performance you can proudly show off your achievements to your friends!

Design the medal holder of your dreams!

This metal holder with exclusive design will make your home even more unique. Thanks to its durable, sturdy material, you'll enjoy it for years to come. Its timeless design allows you to showcase your collection in a whole new way.

Instead of hiding your coins in the usual drawers, this wall-mounted rack is also an ideal decorative element. You can use it as a display, to encourage your achievements, to show your love and respect.

Keep a memento of your child, father or best friend's achievements and give them a truly personalised gift!

This metal medal holder is not only a great way to showcase your sporting achievements, but can also be useful for a goal that's important to you, such as commemorating the furthest bike ride you've ever taken with a friend.

Create a lasting memory of your faithful pet with a pet medal holder!

Our pets leave a mark on our hearts for a lifetime, and that deep, unconditional love never goes away. Want something lasting to remind you of your training sessions with your pooch, and a worthy way to show off his merits? A metal wall mount medal holder is a great way to do just that!

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