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Feedback from our partners - we are grateful for your cooperation!

Feedback from our partners - we are grateful for your cooperation!

Read the feedback from our partners, with whom we strive for long-term, successful cooperation. Their feedback will tell you how they value their relationship with us and how they benefit from working with us.

Steeldecor - coin holder and home decoration webshop

In business, not only customers but also partners play a key role in success. A well-functioning collaboration allows for a more efficient use of resources, sharing of ideas and fostering innovation. It is important for our company to maintain excellent long-term relationships with our partners and provide them with the right support to achieve their business goals. In this article, we have gathered feedback from some of the partners we work with and show how they value their relationship with us.

MadMan sportswear - custom trophies, sports medal holders

"We have been working with Steel Decor for almost 3 years. We order custom medal holders and trophies from them for our events. The competitors don't get a boring trophy, but a unique trophy that will be a pleasant memory of our competitions for years to come."

Dance Universum Hungarian and international dance competition organiser - unique trophies

"We have already collaborated with several of our competitions to create unique gifts."

1st MCM-Diamant Adorján SE, Kaposvár

"Through the work of steeldecor we were able to give fantastic gifts to our race winners at our international swimming competition in Kaposvár. As a lesser known sport, there are few souvenirs specific to the sport available on the market, but with the help of steeldecor, the racers were enriched with fin keyrings and two beautiful medal holders. We received positive feedback not only from the children but also from the coaches that, in addition to the super organisation, the special prizes were a great source of joy and motivation for their athletes."



Hobby Puller Club

"I originally found the SteelDecor site while looking for some kind of dog medal holder. My dogs and I play sports regularly and over the years they have collected a lot of medals, I wanted a worthy place for these instead of a drawer.


I saw a "girl plus dog" medal holder on offer, thought it would be good, it's the closest I'll find anyway. Then as I scrolled down, I saw that they also cater to custom requests. And they do! After a couple of email exchanges, I had a "plan" that I looked at and said "yes, that's US"!


Our dog sports team organises competitions regularly and we feel lucky to be able to work with SteelDecor for our competitions. After all, what participant wouldn't want a unique holder for their hard-earned medals that really represents their sport, really represents their dog, and really represents their work together? The answer is: everyone wants one "

AZDesign Zsuzsanna Andok/Interior Design


Great-Grandfather's House Guesthouse in the Őrség