The products' delivery time: about 5-6 weeks after placing the order. We know it might sound like a lot, but consider that these are custom-made products: Frequently Asked Questions page.


We also fulfil individual and large orders

We also fulfil individual and large orders


We are proud to be found not only by individuals but also by associations/teams.

SteelDecor partners with several sports clubs to offer its customers a wide range of services, more colourful competitions, unique trophies or even prizes.
We have provided trophies for the winners of many events and sporting events and prizes for podium finishers. In the near future, we would like to expand our portfolio, which is why we are ready to meet the requests of other associations, event organisers and hotels.
We also undertake the implementation of a uniform image based on a customised design. For example, we are happy to create unique door numbers for hotel doors or decorations for hotel room walls.
We can also design individual wedding decorations (such as cake decorations, photo wall inscriptions, other design decorations). With us, there is no limit or limit to the order, we can execute from one to thousands of pieces. Contact us for cooperation!