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Special animal coin holder: a more cheerful home in one fell swoop!

  Special animal coin holder: a more cheerful home in one fell swoop!

The Hard Dog Race is not an unfamiliar concept to us, and if you want to make your pet's awards more personal and special, the animal medal holder is the best choice for you. Of course, you can also add rosettes to this holder, giving you a unique way to display your achievements and memorable moments. Not only is this unique medal holder a practical and organised way to display your awards, it also expresses your love of animals and your commitment to sport.

Dog sports that make everyday life more colourful

H owe it to your love of dog sports to know that running with your furry friend is a different experience, not to mention the memorable dog obstacle course.It's a wonderful feeling to overcome obstacles and come home stronger and fitter.Especially when you're with your faithful companion. Why not mark this memorable occasion on the walls of your home?

The best way to do this is with a personalised medal holder.The sturdy metal frame is timeless and can be used in any style of room.Not only is it a great keepsake, it will motivate and empower you to keep up with your dog.

If you want to display your dog's agility achievements in a more personal space, you can choose a special wall holder with a trophy, pet silhouette or name, for example.

The perfect gift for your animal friend!

Are you running out of birthday gift ideas and want to combine something special with a fancy decoration?Then the Animal Medal Holder is the perfect choice.Custom designs are also available.All you need is the breed and name of the dog you know and of course the sport you play.The result is a thoughtful gift.

Best of all, it can be a great surprise when your friend, relative or acquaintance opens a new home.