The products' delivery time: about 5-6 weeks after placing the order. We know it might sound like a lot, but consider that these are custom-made products: Frequently Asked Questions page.


My products's quality

My products's quality

Quality assurance for our coin holders and other products - to make sure you receive the right quality!

Guaranteeing quality is one of the most important things when you are creating custom-made objects. After all, no one wants their objects to wear out or break within a short period of time. That is why it is important to pay attention to quality and materials at every step.

With custom design, quality starts at the very beginning of the idea. We design the shapes and dimensions according to the materials and check that all the details fit.

Quality is also important in laser cutting. The laser is a precise instrument, so it cuts exactly the pattern we have defined. However, the quality of the laser cutting machine also matters, as better quality machines are more accurate and efficient, so the cut surface will be nicer. That is why we use a high-power industrial laser cutting machine (Fiber 3-5 kW).

Sintering is also an important part of the custom design and laser cutting process. During the sintering process, the surface of the object is coated with a special paint to make it more durable and resistant to external influences. We also make sure that the quality of the sintering is good so that the object has a long life. (Indoor products are sintered once and outdoor items are sintered twice)

Finally, the quality of the finished product is also important. We make sure that the object is completely finished, without any defects or damage. We check that all parts are cut out correctly and that the pattern or text is perfectly visible. If everything is done right, the finished product is guaranteed to be of high quality.

In summary, quality is always a priority in the process of custom design and laser cutting. The quality of the raw materials, the design, the laser cutting, the sintering and the quality of the finished product all play an important role in ensuring that the end result is truly excellent.

Individual design followed by laser cutting and finally sintering steps:

  1. Getting the idea The first step in any project is getting the idea.
  2. The next step is the custom design.
  3. Once the design is complete, the laser cutting can begin. Laser cutting is the process where the laser cuts the material following a predefined pattern.
  4. Before sintering, the products are given a phosphorus bath to ensure they are free of any impurities.
  5. Sintering is required after laser cutting. This step means that the surface of the object is coated with a special paint to make it more durable as well as more resistant to external influences.
  6. Finally, the finished product, once all four steps have been successfully completed, is a custom-designed object.