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Poker house number
Poker house number

Poker house number

Poker house number
Poker house number

House number and street name board for poker players

If poker is your hobby, you'll want people to know about you. I'm the same way.

First, the size of the street name sign is important. The bigger the better, as it will be visible from far away.

Now no one will get lost in front of our house and they will always know where to find us.


Width (cm) 58
Height (cm) 22
Thickness (mm) 2

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The 2 mm thick steel plate is powder coated to make it timeless. It can be fixed with screws and dowels, which are supplied with the blades, so you just have to place them where you want.

The product has been laser-cut to a pattern for maximum precision
Each product is laser-cut to ensure quality:
We hand sand then powder coat to the colour required.


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