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Hiking medal holder with female silhouette
Hiking medal holder with female silhouette

Hiking medal holder with female silhouette

Hiking medal holder

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How many medals will it hold? Medal space

Size (d x w) cm 72 x 47

Space 60 - 70

Begin: 19/02/2024   While stocks last!
Discount: 9
Saving 9.0 €

With a medal holder Among the Mountains

Why Choose a Hiking Coin Rack?

Why buy a medal holder from us?

Recognition of sporting achievements is an important part of an individual's development and motivation.

Continuous motivation. As your awards gleam on the wall, they remind you to persevere and enjoy achieving your goals. Seeing them inspires you to always want to achieve more and better.

The experience of sport is always with you. The eye-catching appearance and the awards in mind enhance the experience and strengthen your attachment to sport.

You become the centre of attention: The unique and stylish design of a steeldecor medal holder makes it the focal point of the room. The elegant steel holder attracts attention and expresses your commitment to sport.

Quality you can trust: Our products are made from high quality steel, 3 mm thick. Our steel is made of high quality steel, 3 mm thick, which is hand polished and sintered.

100% Satisfaction Gold: In addition to product quality, we proudly offer a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied, a full refund will be given.

Convenience: all necessary accessories (spacer, screw, dowel) are included for easy installation. Delivery is usually within 3 days, so you can enjoy the benefits of a coin holder quickly.

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