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cool trendi guitar wall steel decoration
Elegant guitar silhouette for your wall

Elegant guitar silhouette for your wall

Guitar metal wall decoration

Express your love of music and your own style with a metal wall decoration that gives a special musical vibe!


This unique piece of art will not only decorate your walls, but will also become an essential part of your home's ambience.

A wall decoration that emphasizes the uniqueness of your home is like a musical breeze that permeates the entire home, creating a mood in every room. Made of high quality metal material that is durable and easy to clean, it will give you long-lasting pleasure.


Give your home a musical touch and immerse yourself in the magic of music every moment with this stunning metal wall decoration! Rediscover harmony and inspiration every day when you gaze at this beautiful piece of art on your wall!

Width x height (cm) optional

Thickness (mm) 2

Products are not in stock so delivery will be within 5-6 weeks of order!



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