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Coin holders for two wheels

Medal Holders for two-wheeled sports offer a number of advantages, including:

  1. Durable materials and high quality
  • Our coin holders are made from strong materials, so you can be sure they will be durable and long-lasting.
  • High quality materials and a thorough manufacturing process ensure that your coins will always be safe and will not be damaged.
  1. Stylish and trendy design
  • The medal holders have a unique design that can dress up any sports or gym set.
  • The stylish look and modern colours distinguish these holders from traditional coin holders.
  1. Easy to use and practical
  • The coin holders are simple to use and practical, making them easy to use for any athlete.

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Biciklis neves éremtartó


Balaton bicó éremtartó pároknak


Cycle cross éremtartó V forma


Balaton bicó éremtartó


Trekking sport éremtartó


Bicycle medal holders

If you need motivation, here's your chance - fill the holder with your new medals or old favourites. Arrange your medals in a more spacious way for a tidy display, or stack them up boldly to create an impressive display of your successes.

No need to keep them hidden in boxes or hanging on door handles, hang them up proudly!

Includes instructions, screws, dowels and spacers.

We provide the hangers - it's up to you to add the shine!

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The product has been laser-cut for maximum precision

Each product is laser-cut to ensure quality:

We hand sand then powder coat to the colour required.

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