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Karate medal and belt holder
Karate medal and belt holder

Karate medal and belt holder

Metal karate medal and belt holder with your name on it - Unique gift idea for karate fans - Karate medal and fighting belt holder

Keep your belts organized in the way they deserve. Our karate medal holder gives you the opportunity to hang not only medals, but also fighting belts. The 7 belts can be attached with elastic bands that secure the belt at both ends, and you can also hang your medals.

Buy a custom karate medal and metal belt holder with your name on it! Find out the unique gift idea for karate fans and get inspired!


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Size (d x w) cm 55 x 60

Size: 55 x 55 x 60 cm Belt of 7 pieces

Capacity 10 - 12


Karate medal and belt holder: the Dazzling Karate Choice

If you love karate, you'll know that medals and belts play an important role in the sport. Medals and belts are not just awards, they also give pride and motivation to karateka. However, if they are not held properly, they can be easily lost. In this article, we will introduce you to karate medal and belt holders that will help you keep your medals and belts safe and tidy.

If you're a karate fan or have a friend or acquaintance who loves the sport and you're looking for unique gift ideas, it's time to give them something special. What could be better than a metal karate medal and belt holder with your own name on it? Such a gift would surely bring great joy and make the occasion memorable.

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