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Spartan Race Wall Medal Hangers: a wide selection

If the only reason you haven't registered for a Spartan Race is because you didn't know where to put your medals, now you have a solution! Spartan Race now offers medal racks to match the medals awarded by Spartan Race. Available in a variety of sizes and designs, you're sure to find the right one for your needs. In this guide you can find out all about Spartan Race wall mounted coin racks.


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Spartan Race Wall Coin Hangers: the Wide Choice of Madness!

In recent years, the Spartan Race has become one of the most popular sports worldwide. People are running through fire, climbing walls, swimming in mud and doing everything else to reach their goal. However, after the Spartan Race, everyone has the need to have nice memories and to store their medals properly. Medal racks are a popular gift after the Spartan Race because they allow you to display your medals on the wall or any other place and can be a reminder of your amazing achievement.

A large selection of wall coin racks are available. These hangers can be fixed to the wall and are made of durable material. The design of the handles designed for the medals can also vary, allowing you to store medals of different sizes and shapes.

What is a coin hanger?

A coin hanger is a device that allows you to display your coins and medals, preserving them and recalling memories. Coin hangers are usually wall-mounted and have hangers of different sizes to easily fit coins depending on their size.

Why is a medal hanger important for Spartan Race competitors?

The Spartan Race is an extreme sports competition that tests people in extreme conditions. For those who complete all the challenges, a medal and a medal symbolise their efforts and success. The medal hanger helps preserve these memories and present them to others.

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