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Running, cross-country steel medalholders

Medal Holders for Runners: Choose your ideal medal holder!

Find your ideal medal holder for runners

Medals are valuables that are much more than just objects made of metal or wood. These small mementos remind us of our hard work, the struggle for our goals, and our achievements. But coins can easily get lost (in a drawer :D) or damaged if not stored properly. That's where runner medal holders come in, which protect these precious mementos and display them beautifully.

Running medal hangers

Our wide range of running medal holders are a fun, innovative and unique way to hang your running medals. Celebrate your running success by proudly hanging your medals on your holder.

All our running medal holders are made from laser-cut, polished, powder-coated steel.

You can't wear your medals forever, but you can display them in style. Put your medals on display to remind you daily of your fantastic achievements with SteelDecor.

Don't look at the wall, use it :)


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Pair of cross-country medal holders


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Our running and cross-country medal holders

Guide thread for Running and Cross Country medal holders

Running is not only physically challenging, but also mentally challenging. And medal collecting is an important part of a runner's life, as every medal is coloured by stories and perseverance.

Types of Medal Holders

Runner's medal holders impress with their unique, durable design. Their flexible storage capacity makes them a worthy way to keep all new coins. And the terpfoot coin holders impress with sizes to suit the number of medals and unique design options.

The Symbiosis of Running and Medal Collecting

Running is not just a movement, it is a way of life. Medal collecting and running are closely linked: running encourages medal collecting, while medals inspire runners.

High quality materials and workmanship

Quality is key when it comes to medal holders. In addition to their durability and weather resistance, ergonomics and comfort are of paramount importance. Coin holders are not only decorative but also functional.

The Magic of Creative Coin Holders

Unique patterns, colours and designs. These products reflect not only the medals but also the personality of the runners. The role of creativity is paramount, as the unique design of the medal holders helps runners to persevere and stay motivated.

Inspiring stories about runners and their medals

Medal holders are not just objects, they are also carriers of stories. The medals behind the personal stories are