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Volleyball, handball medal holders

Volleyball, handball, basketball medal racks in a wide range

If you love sports, you probably have a stack of medals in your locker or a box you collect. Medals are also a sign of success when you reach your goal. However, keeping them in place can be a problem if you don't have the right medal holder. That's where medal holders for ball sports come in.

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Here you will find the ideal medal holder, specially designed for volleyball and handball players. The holder has a sleek and modern look that will not only showcase your sporting achievements, but will also look great on your wall.

The volleyball medal holder has three layers so there's plenty of room for all your medals, while the handball medal holder has two layers so all your medals fit comfortably. Both medal holders are easy to install, so you'll soon be proud to show off your achievements to friends and family.

So if you want your medals to be displayed in a worthy way, don't hesitate, choose us! Order your own volleyball or handball medal holder today and show off your achievements for all to see!

What is a Volleyball and Handball medal holder?
A medal holder for volleyball and handball is a device on which medals can be strung and neatly arranged. These medal holders are popular with athletes to keep their medals tidy. A coin holder with a carabiner is attached to the coin holder and can be hung on a sports bag, backpack or even a keyring. The hand-held coin holder resembles a bracelet on which the coins can be fastened and put on the wrist.

Why are Pendant and Hand Coin Holders more attractive?
Not only do pendant and hand-held coin holders serve to keep your coins tidy, they are also stylish. Coin holders are available in a range of colours, patterns and materials to suit your individual style. This means that a coin holder is not just a functional object, but can also express your individuality.

But the advantage of coin holders is not just about style. Medal holders are a great way for athletes to easily transport and store their medals. Medal holders are a must-have for those who participate in many sporting competitions.